How to change the default location of OST file?

Published: 06th October 2010
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Outlook’s Offline file .OST file proves to be an elixir in times of Outlook email disaster situations. OST files are repository of all our offline workload. So whenever there is loss of Outlook emails, OST files can be used to get back all lost emails by converting OST file to PST file using OST to PST Converter.

It’s important to know the location of OST file in our system, so that in time of urgency you can quickly pop up to the destination. Being locally stored in the system, one can change the location of the local Offline Folders file .OST to a different folder or hard drive.

One can go working offline whenever there is lost connection to MS Exchange Server. You just have to select ‘Work Offline’ option from MS Outlook’s File menu. OST file can also created automatically when you set up Outlook or when you first make a folder available offline. This also applies to when you use Cached Exchange Mode with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Changing default OST file location is easy; just follow the give below steps:

1.Exit Outlook.

2.Go to Start --> Control Panel --> Mail --> E-mail Accounts.

3.Click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.

4.Select the Microsoft Exchange Server account, and then click Change.

5.Clear the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box.

6.Click More Settings.

7.Click the Advanced tab --> Offline Folder File Settings.

8.Click Disable Offline Use, and then click Yes in the dialog box that appears.

9.Click Offline Folder File Settings.

10.Click Browse, go to the location where you want to save your .ost file, and then click Open.

11.Click OK.

12.Select the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box.

13.Click Next button and then Finish.

This changes the default location of OST file of Outlook.

Now whenever you need to convert OST file to PST file for performing email disaster recovery, it won’t be difficult for you to find out the location of OST file.

You will be in need of OST PST converter in order to access the inaccessible OST file.

Server crashes, deletion of a user mailbox, crossing of 2 GB file size limitation, are some of the reasons that lead to OST file corruption. OST to PST converter let you convert OST to PST file with all emails, attachments, images, documents, sent items, drafts, journals, calendars, appointments, email properties, to-do list, emails of "Deleted Items" folder and every other folder with sub-folder. OST PST Converter is a must tool for all individual, technicians, system administrators, who are in need of immediate and convenient conversion of OST file to PST file.

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